Laugh as much as you breathe.. // 25th March 2012

Lovely readers, lately it looked like I was going to stop blogging, but I absolutely won't. Last couple of weeks I just couldn't find the time.. I've had to get my scooter license which I finally got now (my birthday was back in January), but also had a lot of school and birthdays. Then the weather got so great I just had to go to the beach, but then I caught a flew. Silly me, haha. This weekend I just got some rest, didn't go out and neither played hockey. I went to the beautician to get my eyebrows down. I'm very happy with the results, don't if you can see it very well on the 2nd picture but I now have a more "open" look. And I also had a great time with my mom, we went to the movies and got a drink afterwards. We went to "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" wow what an intense movie it was, it's about a boy whose dad died at 9/11 (headline) but I can really really recommend it to all of you. The movie is very long (almost 2,5 hours), but it's really worth it. 

As you can see I have finally bought the Michael Kors watch I've been wanting for such a long time!! I'm so happy with it. Further I was wearing a green Maison Scotch sweater, my Tiffany&Co. necklace + modemusthaves.com skull necklace. I've also updated my blog-title and wishlist, so check it out. Enjoy your Sunday!! Love

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  1. Ah wat leuk dat jij die Scotch trui ook hebt! Grappig, ik heb hem nog nooit bij iemand anders gezien. Staat je leuk!


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