Time to say goodbye.. // 11.06.2012

Dear readers,

After almost 2,5 years of blogging it's time to stop Style by Britt. Of course I'm not gonna stop blogging! Instead, I have a new blog: Britta Maxime.
Style by Britt I started in February 2010 when I was just 14, I've gotten to know my personal style more and thought it was time to start something new. I hope you will follow my new blog and are as excited as I am about this new blog!!

Lots of love, Britt


TODAY'S LOOK // 24.04.2012

Hello lovely readers, it's been a while since my last outfit post so here it is. I went outside and made some pictures, I hope you like them. I'm wearing: a Zara jacket, H&M top, Michael Kors belt, Zara jeans and which you can't see: my Asos high heels, everyone at school was asking how I could a walk a whole day on them, but when you're little you kinda get used to wear heels, haha. Accessories: Michael Kors watch, Buddha to Buddha ring and my Tiffany&Co., Be Loved and Hermes bracelets.

It's only three more days of school and then finally a week off, I can't wait any longer. I really need it! Now it's time to go to sleep, good night everyone!!

Love, Britt


INSTAGRAM // 08.04.2012

First of all I want to wish you all a Great Eastern weekend!! I just love the Iphone app: Instagram!! I have a Blackberry, but my parents do have an Iphone, so I borrow their phones sometimes for pictures. 

1. My necklaces: skull necklace from modemusthaves.com I bought for just 10 euros, can't believe it still looks this way, it's fake silver but it still looks good. The other one is my Tiffany&Co. 
2. A friend and I
3. My Tiffany&Co. bracelet, one charm fell of so I went to the shop and they made it, happy I got it back after 2 weeks!
4. With my sweet, old dog called Jip.
5. Look of today: H&M top, Zara jacket, Drykorn pants from my mum, D&G belt, UGG Australia boots and Louis Vuitton bag.

Love, Style by Britt