To new beginnings // 16012012

WOW It has been a while.. I got a lot of comments why I wasn't blogging anymore, but I guess I just needed a holiday. Last post was on Christmas Eve. Feels like such a long time ago, a lot of stuff I have done in those 3 past weeks. So let's start with my Christmas presents that evening: leather pants, skull necklace, classic uggs mini, my favorite Chanel fragrance (Chance) and a really cool t-shirt with the American flag on it from H&M's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-collection.

I celebrated Christmas with my sisters, family and friends, had some delicious dinners and a great time!! After those busy days of Christmas I had some rest and went to the beach with my friends, sounds very cold but if you drink some hot chocolate afterwards it's so nice to get some fresh air.

Then there was NYE also a very fun night, celebrated it with friends and we went to a party. Wow 12 hours on 10 cm heels is kinda exhausting haha, but it was definitely worth every second!! The day after I got a minor hangover haha. On the 2nd of January I went to Antwerpen with my parents and sister, to go shopping and celebrate my birthday. Got a really nice rose gold  sequined top and a tweed look-a-like jacket with a gold zipper. But that's not it, the next day was my birthday and my parents gave me a Louis Vuitton Speedy!!! You can't believe how happy I am, I was crying when I opened the box haha, real tears of happiness.
Since I saved some money the last couple of months I decided to buy a birthday present for myself, a Hermes H Clic bracelet!! It's so pretty!! The other day we went home again, had a great time in Antwerp, though it was storming on my birthday haha. I finally turned sixteen so the day we got home I didn't have time to rest, I went out immediately haha. Had a very fun night!!

Last Friday it was Friday the 13th but lucky me I didn't notice anything about it. I celebrated my birthday with friends and got some really sweet birthday cards and presents!! Most of all was money, cause I'm saving for a Michael Kors watch (haven't decided which one yet) , but I also got 2 really awesome Sephora by O.P.I. nail polishes and a really nice fragrance. But since I didn't have a Friday the 13th then.. I guess they gave me one today, first of all I overslept.. Then I forgot all of my books, had two hours gym and had a black-out during my math test. Can it get any worse on a Monday morning?

Oh, and soon I'll be going to do another fotoshoot with a friend of mine Marisa, cause she's going to start her solo blog, she already had one with a friend named maryyrose.blogspot.com. If you have any ideas, please let me know!!

Lots of love, Britt


  1. Leuke foto's en collage!

  2. Leuke foto's en ontzettend mooie cadeaus allemaal! Mag ik je vragen van welke winkel/merk het skull-kettinkje is? Vind hem zo leuk!



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