07122011 // Party dress

I was searching for a sequin dress and ended up at Dorothy Perkins, where I found this black/silver sequin dress. Yesterday it arrived, wow I'm so happy!! Just made some quick photos with my ipod. Oh, and the second pic was made while I was bored, again haha. 
Pff it's stormy weather last couple of days here.. And really cold, but I refuse to wear a sweater to school haha. 

Lots of love, Britt


  1. beautiful dress and you1 :)

  2. Gosh Britt you look awesome!!!!!!
    really I love it!
    hugs SL

  3. I really love your outfits, but I have to same that sometimes they are dark and I cant see the details, what it's a shame :( it's just and advice, but I really think that It would improve your blog. Hope it doesn't bother you!

  4. How is everything going Britt? There's a time now from the last time a visit you!!! This dress is stunning!!!
    Have a nice holidays,x

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