Sorry I got this idea from Mara, she reached 40 followers and now almost 50 wow! She has a great blog; http://fashionbymara.blogspot.com/ you should check it out and might follower her, I do! Thanks to my 33 lovely readers, I really appreciate all the sweet comments and that you all follow me. I hope there'll come more, and it's a new year and in 2/3 weeks from 9 to 33 was a great start for me! In February I'll have my blog first year's anniversary! I'm curious how many people will follow me by then, but I'll see how everything goes and it will be a great year! Love, Britt


  1. this is not a problem, the picture is very very beautiful and I hope you get lots readers.

    xx <3

  2. just found your lovely blog! :)
    <3 mode.


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