1. h&m dotted tights
2. catrice nail polish; absolutely chinchilly 330
3. catrice nail polish; bloody mary to go 060
4. catrice concealer perfect adapt 01
5. garnier essentials day cream
6. h&m clutch with chiffon roses
7. clinique high lengths mascara
8. redken smooth down heat glide
9. chanel chance eau fraiche
10. labello naturals honey and milk
11. apple ipod earphones
12. essence pure skin pure teint compact powder 01

I made a wishlist, as the holidays are coming, I didn't come with a lot and above all a lot of make-up stuff and the clutch and tights, which I've been wanting for a long time! And just some nice things for this cold winter. So weird that it has been snowing outside, it's really cold down here in the Netherlands! 
I know, I already have a lot of nail polishes, but when I saw these two.. Haha! I have to find and buy them! Nice that they're only 2,49 euro! 
I can't wait for Christmas and New Year's Eve, actually. Such a nice time when you're together with friends and family!! I've been very busy with school, so I could use a holiday, hihi. I think everyone wants that, sometimes. :) 
I'm really in the mood for some shopping and doing up some inspiration, and some items to really keep you warm in this cold cold coooold weather, which they say feels like -15 degrees, that's so cold!!
I really want to take some pictures outside, in the snow. I hope I'll have some time to do that, tomorrow!

Sweet dreams everyone, love!

Life is like a million pictures in a photo album, you can remember it, but you can never recapture it.

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