Some inspiration for today, a picture by Jak & Jil. Love the shape, details, colors; just everything about this Boyy 'Slash' bag! You can wear it as a clutch, on your shoulder or maybe even crossed? Unfortunately these bags are very expensive.. The prices of the bags are between 600 and 900 dollars. But still, amazing bag hihi!

I think I have to dress up a little warmer, haha, cause every time I go outside here in the snow, I'm freezing!! Can't wait for summer, haha. But I do love these times because of the holidays; Saint Nicolas, Christmas, New Year and it's almost my birthday after all those celebrations of saints and 2011, then it's time for my bday on January the 3th!! 

Oh, I have to go, 'Expeditie Robinson Refreshed' will start now and it's the finale, so curious who's going to win!! Have a great night, day, afternoon, evening or whatever haha!


'Sometimes we go back to people because we realize how impossible, it is to live without them.'

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