Quick update

I love this picture! Sorry, I really had no time to update my blog yesterday.. I had school, a lot of homework and if that wasn't enough; hockey training as well.. 
The weather here has changed a lot in the last couple of days.. you can really see and feel the new season, unfortunately.. But today the sun is shining, that's a lot 
I hope that I will have some time to upload my blog with an outfit post this week.. but it seems to be very busy with all those tests and Thursday my braces go out and everything. But I will try to have some time!
Jeej, I am almost going to Amsterdam, and I made a sort of wishlist, of course I'm sure I'm not going to buy all of that, but even though, I can dream about it, haha! 
Philippe Audibert bracelet; 
the one I told you about!
Lime green nail polish; 

as on the picture in the post before.
Blazer navy, dark grey or a nude/pastel/beige color; 
I really want a new blazer, you can combinate it with so many things, you really can have them in every style and color!
Knit / sweater; 
hmm, warm and comfy for autumn!
Vintage stuff;
you can find a lot of nice clothes there!
the final touch to your outfit, just as nail polish.
Circle scarf;
to keep you warm in the cold autumn weather.
Love, Britt

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