lime green and grey; love it!

Photo via; afterDRK, by style.com. I love this picture; the lime green nail polish combined with grey! It gives the whole look more edgeI will definitely search for a nail polish color like this one! 
My mom just told me that she ordered that black jacket, which I told you about a couple posts ago, I am so happy! It will come in the beginning of October. Can't wait! 
Right now, I feel a lot better, then in the afternoon, I now only have a little bit of a head ache, but tomorrow I will go to school again. 
Today I watched e! entertainment's new serie 'the spin crowd' and it's definitely one of my favorite series, and this was only the first episode, haha. 
Have a wonderful evening. 

Love, Britt


  1. just found your blog, it's awesome! will definitely be back :)


  2. @beverley thank you! that's always nice to hear (: I checked out your blog as well, awesome! think we kinda like the same style (:


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