Mommy's boots

Wow, I love this shoes! They were always too big for me, but now they fit me! Still don't know if my mom allowes me to wear them haha. But, I still love them, ah I can't wait to do some autumn/winter shopping! I really want to buy a skirt, now I only have some mini waisted skirts, they are so tight, I want one a little more flowy and also some very nice knits, jumpers and comfy sweaters! Nice thing about the autumn; the many layers you can wear! Love that look. But as you can see, I'm a bit into the inspiration and wants posts, lately. Now that school has start again and the crazy weather here in The Netherlands, I don't have many time to take some shots, especially outside.. so that's a pity. I don't know the brand of these boots, actually. But I gotta go now and hurry up haha! 

Enjoy your lovely weekend 



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