New things!

Hello guys,
I'm so sorry, yesterday I said that I would update my outfit post today.. I just made some very quick pictures, but they are not very clear. I was shopping with my mum, so I didn't have time to take some pictures. 
But I bought a new coat for this winter, some really nice and great grey Sendra boots, I am sooo happy with them!
I bought three canvases, with pictures of New York it for only 5 euro!! I also bought a nail polish, it is number 220 lost in mud from catrice, it is a bit brownish and I was looking for this color for a long time, so I'm very happy! I also bought some random school supplies, which I needed; a protractor, eraser, notebooks, wrapping paper, compass and more.. 
I still do not feel like school, but I have to, and it is really nice to see all my friends again, and having fun in the lunchbreaks and everything. (: 
A very basic outfit for today, wearing my new sendra's and new vest. I am so in love with my new shoes and all my other new things!! 

jeans from zara trf 
tanktop from abercrombie
vest from primark 
coat from moscow 
ring and purple bracelet from btb
bracelet from tiffany & co
watch from guess
back to black 320 from catrice

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