give a girl the right pair of shorts, and she will conquer the world ♥

Today, I bought a new pair of shorts @H&M, and I am in love with them! I really love the color, and also the fabric, it's very comfy and soft. I love to combinate it with a white top of blouse and a black jacket, so the whole look doesn't get to soft. So these are just some quick shots, but I am sure you will see this shorts in lots of more pictures! Haha. Oh and one of my best friends made a blog too! Yeah, I can't wait to see  her blog!! But now I'm off to bed, it's midnight.. hmm. It will be 2 o'clock when I lay in bed, so I gotta go now, tomorrow I have to get up early.. 
Blouse, panty's and shorts from H&M
Jacket from Bershka
Bracelets from somewhere in India, Tiffany&Co
ring from Buddha to Buddha
nailpolish I scream peach from Catrice


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