INSTAGRAM // 08.04.2012

First of all I want to wish you all a Great Eastern weekend!! I just love the Iphone app: Instagram!! I have a Blackberry, but my parents do have an Iphone, so I borrow their phones sometimes for pictures. 

1. My necklaces: skull necklace from modemusthaves.com I bought for just 10 euros, can't believe it still looks this way, it's fake silver but it still looks good. The other one is my Tiffany&Co. 
2. A friend and I
3. My Tiffany&Co. bracelet, one charm fell of so I went to the shop and they made it, happy I got it back after 2 weeks!
4. With my sweet, old dog called Jip.
5. Look of today: H&M top, Zara jacket, Drykorn pants from my mum, D&G belt, UGG Australia boots and Louis Vuitton bag.

Love, Style by Britt

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  1. Your jewellery is so pretty, I adore it especially the Tiffany bracelet <3


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