15112011 // Antwerp + London

Here are some photos of yesterday, clothing is very simple but I just wanted to show them. Went to the hairdresser today (finally), it had been 3 months since my last time.. Oh oh, I always find it hard to cut of a few centimeters.. But now it's feels healthy again. 

Ohhh, I CAN'T wait till it's January.. First of all December is great, with "Sinterklaas", Christmas and of course New Years Eve! I'll be going to Antwerp for 3 days with my parents and sister!! Never been there, so I can't wait to explore the city and go shopping, also very nice that Sale starts then. Two weeks later I'll be going to London with school, another thing I'm very exited about! I've been there before and I absolutely loved it. We won't stay there very long, so in the time we can spend on our own it will be; shopping, shopping, shopping.. Haha! This will also be the month I'll turn sixteen: January the 3rd, I can't wait!!

If you have any addresses of shops, boutiques or nice restaurants I shouldn't miss; please, let me know! 
Last couple of days I've been listening to Take Care by Drake & Rihanna non-stop haha, you should check it out, I love it! 

Lots of love, Britt


  1. Antwerpen is echt een geweldige stad! vooral om te winkelen natuurlijk :)

  2. Sowieso moet je naar Forever 21 gaan! Volgens mij zijn er in Londen én Antwerpen winkels van.. super leuk merk!

  3. @Anonymous jaaa ga ik zeker doen! Van Antwerpen weet ik het zeker, maar Londen niet.. Maar daar hebben ze weer Topshop, ook suuupergaaf!

  4. Ik heb toevallig net een artikeltje gemaakt voor www.fashionblogger.nl met drie hotspots in Antwerpen! :)


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