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Hello readers! Here's a quick update of my look of today. Wearing my mom's Hermes belt, which I'm so jealous of.. Ring of Pianegonda, Buddha to Buddha, necklace from Tiffany&Co and bracelets from BTB, Joy and Tiffany&Co. 
As I overslept this morning, I wore the same outfit as last week, the last outfit post on the blog, but I wanted to show you guys the belt and ring. Hope you like it. I'm going to study now and I have some exiting news to tell you!! (will come later)

Lots of love, Britt


  1. aaa i want that belt, brit! :D

  2. Wauw, ben erg jaloers op die mooie sieraden + riem! Waar heb je die tiffany&co sieraden gekocht?

  3. Oké, bedankt! ik wil ook graag zo'n kettinkje, misschien maar voor sinterklaas vragen! heeft ook 'n online shop dus komt goed :) iig bedankt!

  4. simple but very stylish, good job!

  5. erg mooie sieraden!



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