24102011 // Striking gold

OH MY.. I updated the blog so less lately.. Have been very busy with school and just had a week of holiday to get a little rest and have fun with my friends, of course I also did some shopping.  An oversized dark grey hoodie, 2 pairs of zara jeans, silver scarf, fake fur hand gloves and a snake-printed makeup bag. I really hope that I'll have time to do an outfit post this week and that I can show you some of my new things. 

I love these 2 photos of the models with their STRIKING GOLD eye makeup. Love the metallic colors this season.. I usually go for silver, but when I see this and other gold things, I think I'll try it sometime. In 5 days I can pick a new phone, but I'm still doubting between an iPhone or a Blackberry.. Hmm, difficult.. What would you guys do?

Lots of love, Britt

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  1. IPHONE! Dan heb je geen gekloot met internet haha. loveyou xx


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