01102011 // Army shorts

Ohhh wat a great day this is! Had such a great time with my 2 friends during our little photo shoot! Can't wait to see the result, which I'll post on my blog. Afterwards I put on these clothes, it was such great weather today, felt like summer again! Or actually, how it should've been every day this summer.. Took the chance to wear my army shorts again and combined it with my sendra boots! I really love the combination, what's your opinion? I'd love to hear! I'm going to change my clothes for something more chic, dinner in the city for the birthday of a friend! Have fun this Saturdaynight!
Lots of love, Britt


  1. Superleuk broekje!
    xo Laura

  2. I dont know why but recently I couldnt comment on your blog :(
    Such a long time since the last time we knew from each other!
    How are you doing? School?
    Hope everything is great Britt!
    I love the outfit, totally militar!! The shorts and the boots.. no words!

  3. Love the boots!
    Xoxo Whitney


  4. I really like the combination! I've searched the boots you are wearing and I think I have found them http://tinyurl.com/d9ygmmd tell me if I'm mistaken, please! congrats for the blog!

  5. @Lau Caste thank you! Yes, you have them in 3 kinds, the ones you picked are almost the same, from Sendra, but I have the Paul Warmer version and that one is a little bit different.
    But you can only see that in the details.
    Hope I helped you with this!
    xx Britt


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