06092011 / Personal Autumn Musthaves:

I can see that I’ve gotten to know more about my personal style, when I look at a couple of years ago I couldn’t even imagine myself as a fashion-blogger.  There are so many trends, some stay and some just come and go. You have to follow the trends you like and which suit you. Not just follow them, because they’re “in”.  That’s not what they are for. Give them your own personal twist, make it yours. That sounds kind of easy, but I know, it isn’t. Inspiration, you can find it anywhere. Look at bloggers, street style sites, magazines, look books and way more.

And now you probably think “Why is the title Personal Autumn Musthaves?! I don’t see one..” Well, that’s what I wanted to tell later in this post. I’ve been looking at trends, but mostly I’m thinking what do I really need for this cold season? I bought a comfy and oversized knit/sweater at the Zara, that is one thing we really need in the cold weather here. Last year this item was missing in my closet, cause I couldn’t find a good material (not itchy or cheap looking) for the price range I was looking in.?

1. Oversized knit/sweater
Metallic silver jeans
3. Faux fur jacket
Chanel’s 529 Graphite nail polish
5. Black boyfriend blazer (my old one’s too small)
6. Something burgundy
7. Michael Kors watch

As I can see for myself, my autumn colors will be just black, grey, dark blue, white and metallic. That’s easy to combine and in that way you can mix and match with all your clothes. BUT there’ll also be some pop of color sometimes! I hope you like the post, it's different than I do normally.

Lots of love, Britt


  1. Im going to go for look some of them!!! This fall has got some amazing musthaves!

    love your blog<3 do u wanna follow each other?



  2. so...im following you right now :D :D



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