Ph. credit:  1st Afterdrk and 2nd I can't remember

I'M IN LOVE with the skull-necklace Sabrina Meijer from Afterdrk is wearing. Oh, and of course I really wouldn't mind having that metallic silver jacket in my wardrobe.. School has started last week and now I can feel the amount of homework coming, so if I'll blog less upcoming weeks you know why. And for sure I'll try to blog as much as I can, but I still have to focus on school. A week or 2 ago I showed you my new t-shirt dress (click to see), since I wasn't in the mood to wear a panty, I wore it as a t-shirt, with white jeans, sendra boots and my new black boyfriend blazer. YES, I have to admit: I have a lot of blazers and jackets.. They're just so easy to combine and I find them really comfortable in them. I'll have dinner now, have a lovely Tuesday evening! 

Lots of love, Britt


  1. Superinspiratie! Die tweede foto is echt geweldig!
    xoxo Laura

  2. Ik kan wel aan een soortgelijk skull kettinkje komen!
    Hier is een linkje:

    Laat maar weten, dan kan ik je eventueel mailen?


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