Bali & the Gili Islands..

Hello lovely readers,
I'm sorry for not posting for almost one month. I went to Bali and 2 of the 3 Gili Islands which are next to Lombok. I had a beautiful trip, I've been to Bali before but this time I liked it more. We started in Ubud, where we went to the Monkey Forest haha and where we also cycled through the rice fields, wow that was so amazing to see. They told me that the part in "Eat Pray Love" where you see Julia Roberts cycle on a beach cruiser through the rice fields was there.  We went to several places all over Bali and also went to the city to do some shopping (which I'll show you later, of course). Gili Air and Gili Trawangan were really nice to see, it's so different than Bali while it's really near it. All 3 islands are very small and there are only bicycles and horse-taxis. Well, I'm not gonna make a really long story about my holiday otherwise you'll all fall asleep, haha. I got home this morning after a really long trip, so I have a bit of a jetlag. I hope you like the photos and soon there will come more photos.
Love, Britt

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