I'm a boomerang, doesn't matter how you throw me, I turn around and I'm back in the game..

YAY finally it's official; I'm  encouraged to my fourth year of the Atheneum and I'm having holidays!  I'm really sorry for not makin' any posts.. But I was really busy studying for my tests and after that enjoying the first days of no school, but now (again) it's typical Dutch weather and raining all day.. So when the sun was   there, I took my chance to put on my new bikinis and lay in the sun. I only had a couple of days off and I'm  already having a great holiday! Can't wait for those fun weeks! Tonight I was searching for new songs, the lyrics in the title are from Gavin DeGraw with his new and very great song: "Not over you" and I must say that I LOVE that song, can't stop listening to it. Also the new album "4" of Beyonce seemed really great!! Love the song "1+1" and "Best thing I never had" and all the other songs of the album! After that I made some pictures, I hope you like them. They're nothing special, but there really is something about black and white pictures.. I don't what it is, but they're so special, I love that. But I said that 2 posts ago as well, so I won't talk about that again! Have a lovely weekend, I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow! Lots of love xx


  1. en alweer doet 'ie gek bij mij! nou ja, ik vind de foto's wel echt mooi ! xx

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  3. gefeliciteerd meid! ik ben ook nét over naar vwo6 haha. geniet van je vakantie. en mooie foto's!

  4. you are so adorable.
    you have really pretty facial features and your hair is lovely and natural.
    i'm also loving what i can see of your outfit. it's exactly what i'd wear. x.


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