Sunday: Day to Amsterdam

Just came back from a day to Amsterdam with my mum. I made a quick picture with my new vintage Levi's shorts, which I bought at Episode. Been wanting these shorts for over a year, so happy that I finally have them!! And I'm wearing my new Zara top. I also bought a new bikini, I'll show better pictures of the clothes somewhere this week! But I thought the photocollage had a funny effect. Again, I really had a great weekend, I really can't wait for the holidays, I'm so exited!! Enjoy your Sunday evening. Lots of love! X


  1. die short is prachtig! heel erg mooi, zoek er al zo lang een zoals deze. ga volgende week meteen langs de episode haha. leuke foto! xx

  2. oke cool dankjewel, die zitten volgens mij ook echt zo fijn!
    aaww dankjewel, lief! ik ben benieuwd naar de foto's! xx


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