If you dare to believe in life, you might realise that there's no time for talking..

My new jump- or playsuit, how you like to call it. Love the colors of it and the ''vintage touch'' to it. I think it's perfect for this summer, what do you think? In the 2nd picture my two new bikinis which I'm also very very happy with! I also got some other great news, my parents bought a new tripod for my camera! Now it's much easier to make outfit pictures. Hmm, such a nice thought that I'm having my summer holidays in only two weeks!! I'm very exited! Lyrics in the title are from; Boyce Avenue - Dare to believe. Have a great weekend, lots of love! X


  1. i think i have fallen in love with the jumpsuit.

  2. Ik had hetalleen bij die en eentje op de blz hiervoor. Maar nu ik op de iPad zit zie ik het niet meer! Beetje raar, maar goed. Leuk jurkje!

  3. i'm following you...
    thanks for your comment..

  4. love your jumpsuit!
    super leuk!

    xxx. www.livemylifeforfashion.blogspot.com

  5. ohh love the swimwear ! Where do you buy it ?
    Love your blog we follow if you like my page


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