Yesterday I went to Amsterdam with my mum, I really had a blast and found some really nice items!! I've bought some tops, a pair of army shorts, a jacket and nail polish.
While we were at the Bijenkorf, you could let your nails done at Koh, so we did!
Last week I saw a post at After DRK, where she was wearing a holographic nail polish from Koh,
so when I was there I tried that one on. Name of the color: (133) Platinum Silver! (click on the link for a better photo of the nailpolish!)
I liked it so much that I've bought it, I think it looks really funny and great at the same time.
When there's not a lot of light on the nails, it looks silver so the color changes
all the time. Looks really funny I think.
In the photos I'm wearing my new jacket, it's half leather and half cotton, I really love the details on the shoulders and elbows. I also think that the color is great, fresh and you can combine it with a lot of things.
Now I'm just wearing it with a simple white top, destroyed jeans and all stars, so your eye goes to the jacket. Of course I'll show you my other buys as well later!
Got some more new things to show you.
Love! ♡

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  1. ahhh, wat heb je toch schattige handjes hahaha <3

    vind t trouwens een sick leuk jasje, en die nagellak is zoooo leuk!


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