Here are some pictures/collages of inspiring street styles. I found these pictures from a couple of street style blogs; Jak&Jil, Altamira NYC, Copenhagen Streetstyle, Facehunter and on other blogs. I love the style from all these people. And in these pictures you can see some of my favorite items (some of them I'm still searching) like; 
vintage denim shorts, black suede biker jacket, military green cargo pants, leather pants, something leopard (like the jacket) and a Chanel bag.
It looks so pretty. You can combine it with anything, I think that's one of the reasons why I love it so much. Right now, I'm sick at home.. I really don't feel well unfortunately but I hope I'll be feeling better tomorrow. 

Love, Britt

Anything is possible, as long as your willing to work for it. So go and live out your dreams.


  1. Is goed hoor, I volg je!
    Die foto's met dat raam en die schaduw zijn heel erg mooi!

  2. Oké dankje!
    Maar volgens mij ben je vergeten te volgen ;)

  3. nice collection of pics. I'm really liking it! hope you feel better soon!

  4. je hebt echt een superleuke blog britt(:
    heb net een beetje rondgeneusd hahah
    miss kunnen we elkaar volgen?


  5. haha, dank je! volgens mij ben je alleen vergeten op de button te klikken!

    hele mooie inspiratie!


  6. leuke inspi's! en in je vorige post is dat studs shirt is supermooi


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