My look while celebrating; Sinterklaas

bershka blazer | only top | zara trf tregging | sendra boots | tiffany&co, buddha to buddha, joy jewellery

This is what I wearing while I was celebrating 'Sinterklaas' with my family, I had some really great presents and we also got an Ipad!! Soo happy with it, really useful to carry on with the holidays! 
Yes, I know I made this pictures in my basement... But it was the only place where the light was alright to take some decent photos to show you my outfit, haha!
But I hope you all had a great, fun Saturday night, I really had.  I've got so much to show you, my new presents, some songs, inspiration and more!!
But now I'm off to bed, it's already 01.00 AM, haha so I'm kinda tired. 

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