Isla Holbox December 2010

Some pictures from my holiday in Mexico;
1. view from the plane
2. iguanas
3. the bright colored restaurants/cafes/bars
4. on the beach
5. a lot of birds, but one in the middle of the photo
6.  even more birds, really a lot!
7. the view from the sea to the hotels
8. with my sweet sister
9. me, again haha
10. a double shell
11. with my mum
12. pelicans
13. the bar; la adelita where live music was played
14. a really really cute dog, he looked right in the camera!!
15. la isla del colibri, where we had some nice drinks
16. with my dad
17. with my mum and sister
18. with my sister, again
19. sweet dog from the restaurant
20. very nice sunset

Hope you all like the pictures and have a happy and merry Christmas! Phew, I'm very tired it's already 1:20 AM here, haha. But in Mexico it's only 6:20 PM.. So I have a little jet-lag, but I had a really nice flight. Cause not a lot of people do such a long trip during Christmas, the plane was filled only 1/3 so I had 3 chairs for myself and slept all the way from Cancun to Amsterdam, haha. Hugs and kisses from the white, snowy and cold Netherlands haha


  1. Hey pretty! Looks like you were having so fun in the beach!! You were so beautiful and pretty. Hope you had fun! Sorry for reply so late! ¡D


  2. thanks for the follow! i follow u now too! :D But seriously! you look great in your photos of the beach! haha! :D
    and alvaro (the other guy from Fucking Monsters) says the same! haha! he asked me to tell you that he promise he will follow u when he returns from the beach! haha! kisses!

  3. haha! yes! a really nice Christmas with friends and family! Hope you are having a fun holidays too! And you don't have to be flattered... When someone is as pretty as you... It's natural! :D Well, is joke, but you look so beautiful there! Kisses!

  4. love the pictures!!:)

    Happy New Year xx



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