Really quick look of the day!

Here's a really quick update of what I was wearing today, sorry for the bad ipod-quality.. Haha! Today I was finally wearing my glasses to school, actually because I had to, but okay. I think I'm gonna wear them more often, I was wearing; 
ray ban glasses - h&m blouse - zara trf tregging - unknown scarf - jimmy choo bag - buddha to buddha, tiffany&co, ilfn jewelry - ugg australia shoes. 
Btw, I had a really bad hair day.. Hmm, I fell asleep with  wet hair, haha. Soon I'm going on a trip to Terschelling, I will take a lot of pictures there, I think. I hope the weather will be good!! 
Have a lovely evening, love!

No matter who brings you down, and makes your day bad, there's always the people in your life who makes your life feel like heaven.

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