quick update!!

Hello! Just a quick update from me here, I have a very busy weekend and my last schooldays were very hectic.. I just had a sleep over with a friend and after that I worked a couple of hours and in a few I have to work again there! So I will have some money to shop again, yeah! The weather here seems kinda nice while you're inside, but it is so cold outside but it's also great to wear my new winter jacket so I don't get cold, haha. The sentence from the picture is from Kelly Rowland's new song; forever is just a minute away, click here to listen to it, my sister gave the song to me and I love it! All have a great weekend and stay tuned!  Love, Britt


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love it!



  2. @minnja thanks for your comment, i love the song too!
    xx britt


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