Today I went to Amsterdam with my mum and my sister, we went to Tiffany&Co. where I bought this beautiful necklace! I am so in love with it, I mean how gorgeous is it? I also bought this great bracelet from ilovefashionnews.com!
We also went to the Hermes store which had his opening today @ Bijenkorf, it's a perfume, which smells so nice! It's Paprika Brasil.
And we went to the sale at River Island, they had these awesome shoes for only 15 euros, first they were 74 euros, I couldn't leave them there!
As you can see in the last pic, I have a new blazer, I will do an outfit post with that one tomorrow! Stay tuned, have a great weekend!
Love, Britt


  1. aaaah dat kettingkje is echt ongelofelijk schattig ! hoe duur was het ?
    en die schoenen zijn echt om spontaan verliefd op te worden !

  2. @maryrose dankje voor je reactie, hihi! hij was 95 euro, vond ik op zich nog best meevallen. haha ja ik kon ze voor die 15 euro echt niet laten liggen !


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