run up to meet you, tell you i'm sorry..♥

Sorry, I didn't do an outfit post, because I'm not feeling well today.. I went to school and went back to home after 3 hours. I was really ill, I was feeling really dizzy, had pain in my stomach and I had a headache.. But I'm feeling a little better. :) Today my mom bought two new bags, a gray and a black one. I think they look nice! They are for charity, the proceeds from all these things (not only bags) go to the Red Cross Hospital. They cost 2 euros, so my mother couldn't leave them, haha. What do you think? The other pictures were from a few days ago, so nothing special but I just wanted to post them on my blog! I hope I'll be better tomorrow! 

Have a nice evening!


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  1. 2 euros??? They look actually pretty cool!


    P.S: I'm having a Hallelu boho bag giveaway which I think you'd love! Come and check it out!:D


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