Look of the day!

sendra boots / zara trf jeans / abercrombie top / h&m blazer / btb ring / india bracelets

This is what I was wearing today! And my hair is so messy on the first picture.. (the rest as well, but there you don't see it as much as on the first one) but oke, that's not so bad. I love my outfit of today, it's very comfy and just not too much. I am so happy my braces finally go out in one and half week! Can't wait for the results.. haha. My hair was very curly today.. hmm. Because I washed my hair, and also because of the crazy weather here.. hmm. I made this pictures after school, they were a lot better then the pictures I took this morning. I hope I have some time to post some image inspiration tonight and otherwise I will do that tomorrow morning, so.. stay tuned!
Remember, life is too short to keep yourself from trying..

Love, Britt

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