It's a khaki thing

Well, I think I will wear a lot of khaki things this season, I am in love with that color! And you see it everywhere.. here are some H&M items I like, some of them I already posted in the earlier post. But there are 2 kind of blouses, I think I like the khaki one the most, which one do you think is the prettiest? But first I have to convince my mom to order some of these things, haha. And otherwise I will buy them in the store, when I'm going to Amsterdam in a few weeks with a friend of mine! How nice will these short booties be with a pair of jeans? I am in love, but I don't know how high they will be, I mean 9,5 cm? That's not very high, but if I want to wear them to school too, I don't know.. And I also saw a gorgeous bracelet, which I will show you in a later post!! So, as you can see (also in earlier posts) I am very into the khaki things, blouses, knits, jeans, boots, leather jackets and bags and so on. What is your autumn inspiration?
Yes, it's almost weekend! Finally, haha. 



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