Comfy fall items

Wow, I love these black Acne wedges, but there a little bit high for my age, haha. Except of these shoes, all the items are from Topshop. They've got such nice products, silky blouses, leather bags and jackets, jeans, suede shorts and so on. So I had a look there, to do up some inspiration and look what I saw there;
A really nice draped biker jacket in a biscuit color, 
some khaki suede shorts, 
a dark grey 'love' sweater,  
a leather buckle satchel in the color tan, 
a long sleeve cropped sweater in the color oatmeal, 
some black polka dot tights, 
a faux sheepskin flying jacket in the color chocolate, 
some standard blue jeans and a black lace insert tie neck blouse. What do you think about these items? 
Right now, I really am in a mood to do some shopping, buy some nice f/w essentials! But it's only 11 o'clock in the morning, so I'm gonna have some breakfast and do my homework! Enjoy your sunday!


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  1. liefje de wedges zijn gewoon van asos haha !
    ik ga ze zaterdag bestellen :D


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